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Review: BootyQueen Apparel’s Blue Razz Leggings

Amanda ran a 12 days of Christmas sale in December 2017. On Day 5, she offered 50% off on her Blue Razz Leggings! This was my chance to finally try out her leggings at a discounted price point. I ordered on the 9th of December & my leggings arrived on the 19th of December. Based on the size chart, I ordered up in size & decided on a size 2XL. They are constructed very nicely! They definitely pass the SQUAT test. The “laser cut / see-thru” swoopy sections were a lot more extensive than I first though. The “swoops” travel a little higher on my rear end than I thought they would LOL but with my undergarment preference, that’s not a huge problem for me. The seams around the laser cut sections do NOT dig into my skin, like other leggings from other vendors have in the past for me. The waist could be a smidge tighter; I honestly could have squeezed into an XL for the sake of my waist measurement. I figured I’d be more safe than sorry since my hips are the most important measurement; BQA doesn’t automatically accept exchanges for wrong sizing.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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