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REVIEW: 🥯  Better Bagels – 🌱 Vegan Keto Protein Bagels 😋

I’m always looking for additional ways to get more protein into my diet while still watching my carb intake. I also was looking for a certified vegan bagel. In my search, I ran across the Eat BetterBrand’s Better Bagels. Founder and CEO of BetterBrand, Aimee Yang, started her food tech company with the goal of giving people better options to cut down on carb loaded products.  

#CutsCurvesFitness Review – Eat BetterBrand’s Better Bagel
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🥯  Better Bagels Review – 🌱 Vegan Keto Protein Bagels 😋

  1. About Better Bagels
  2. Delivery and Storage
  3. Preparation
  4. Varieties
  5. Review
  6. Cost
  7. Summary

About Better Bagels

Better Bagels are:

  • Plant based 🌱
  • Low fat ⌛
  • High protein 💪🏽
  • Low sugar with no added sugar 🍬
  • Keto friendly 🥩
  • Made in the USA (California) 

Better Bagels have only 5g net carbs – so that’s like the carbs in two SLICES of banana. 

Better Bagels have 27g of protein – the same amount of protein as in 4 eggs, but obviously less fat. 

There’s no added sugar in Better Bagels. The sugar content of Better Bagels is the same as one celery stick – so 1 gram of sugar

One Better Bagel is 195 cal, 5.5 g of fat, 23 g of carbs but with 18 g of fiber ( so 5g of net carbs) and less than 1 g of sugar. 

They also have a good amount of calcium and potassium too. They are not gluten-free; Better Bagels contain wheat. That’s why I held off on purchasing them for so long, since sometimes I follow a gluten-free lifestyle. Better Bagels are keto friendly. They are also vegan, non-GMO, and organic.


modified wheat starch, wheat protein isolates, potato starch, chicory root fiber, organic brown rice flour, organic white vinegar, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, salt and enzymes.

Cuts & Curves Fitness Video Review – Eat BetterBrand’s Better Bagel
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Delivery and Storage

My package arrived at room temperature via UPS.  The company suggests that you freeze your fresh bagels upon delivery, even if you plan to eat them within a few days. That allows the bagels to preserve their maximum freshness and last up to 5 months. When they arrived, I put the entire bag in the freezer and let the bagels get hard. Then I individually sealed them with my food saver and plopped them back into the freezer, to keep them even safer from freezer burn. They arrive as uncut bagels, so they would need to be cut if that is how you desire your bagel. 


Prepare Better Bagels as you would a “normal” bagel. I toast mine in my air fryer. They are “uncut” bagels, so they would need to be cut if that is how you desire your bagel. 

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The initial bagel released in 2021 was the Plain bagel. In 2022, they released their new offering: Everything Bagel. After viewing some teasers on their twitter account, it looks as if a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel is in the works!

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Better Bagels Review

Cuts & Curves Fitness Video Review – Eat BetterBrand’s Better Bagel

Better Bagels taste pretty darn outstanding. They are a great substitute for a carby bagel, especially if you’re following a meal plan that cuts back on your carbs and you have been missing this breakfast treat. They smell amazing while toasting. I’m a huge fan of a chewy bagel and these bagels do not miss the mark of great consistency. They are very filling! I’m sure that’s due to both the fiber and protein content. A half of a bagel is more than suffice for me, but I usually end up just eating the whole bagel. For my tastebuds, I noticed they have a small aftertaste; It’s more noticeable in the Plain flavored bagels more than the Everything bagel. It wasn’t an off-putting taste, but enough to mention.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Considering the nutritional value of these bagels, I’d definitely be willing to purchase the flavored version again. They are a bit on the expensive side, though. As of the posting of this review, a bag of 4 bagels is $16 USD, or $4 a bagel. They do offer bulk pricing, which lowers the pricing per bagel a smidge to $3.44.


Are Better Bagels vegan?

Yes. Better Bagels are plant-based 🌱, non-GMO, and organic.

Are Better Bagels Keto friendly?

Yes. Better Bagels have 23g of carbs but with 18g of fiber, they only have 5g of net carbs, and less than 1 g of sugar. 

Where are Better Bagels made?

Better Bagels are made in the USA (California).

Are Better Bagels a good source of protein? 💪🏽

Yes. Better Bagels have 27g of protein – the same amount of protein as in 4 eggs, but obviously less fat. 

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Are Better Bagels gluten free? 🌾 

No. Better Bagels are not gluten-free. They contain wheat.

What flavors do Better Bagels come in?

As of the posting of this review, they currently only come in Plain Bagel and Everything Bagel, with a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel soon to be released.

@alexisohanian – twitter

Is BetterBrand associated with the Better Bagel shops in New York and the Netherlands?

Not from what I could find. BetterBrand Better Bagels are not associated with the Better Bagels shop in Boston, Massachusetts or the BetterBagels brand in the Netherlands.


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Amazon Prime Video Celebrating Women

Have you tried Better Bagels yet? Do you have any other fun high protein products for me to try?

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

REVIEW: 🥯  Better Bagels – 🌱 Vegan Keto Protein Bagels 😋

#CutsCurvesFitness Review – Eat BetterBrand’s Better Bagel

Rating: 4 out of 5.

BetterBagels are high protein, vegan, low fat, and keto friendly!

Review and Links Available Here!

REVIEW: 🥯  Better Bagels – 🌱 Vegan Keto Protein Bagels 😋

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