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Cuts & Curves Fitness in Abs2b Fitness Apparel
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Long Time Customer

I have been a LONG time customer of Abs2b Fitness Apparel. I made my first purchase from their website in March 2015! 😮 From cool prints, to colorful fabric, the Abs2b athletic collection is one of the most expansive and creative amount of leggings in one place I’ve ever seen.

Clothing Collections

Abs2b have high-waist leggings, performance leggings, leggings with mesh and cut outs… They have sports bras, workout sets, crop tops, and hoodies. If fitness clothing isn’t all you’re looking for, they even have swimsuit collections to show off your hard work at the gym, FitJeans 3D stretch jeggings for girls nights out or date nights, and joggers that are great for lounging or on the go!

My favorite item from their leggings line are the Marilyn High Rise leggings! I am a huge fan of high-waist leggings and this collection is perfection! They are thick enough to avoid any see-through issues, but still stay flexible, stretchy, and apply the perfect amount of compression for high impact moves.

Made In the USA

All their products are hand sewn in the USA – in Miami, Florida to be exact. Since every item purchased is hand made, and they’re a small business, turn around times can vary. When placing your order, they request 4-6 weeks for customized items to be made and shipped out. They also have a FAST SHIP / QUICK SHIP / READY TO SHIP offering for items that are already created, and can ship out when your order is placed. These items are usually sold “as is”, meaning, no additional customizations are allowed from how they originally exist.

Made to Order Customizations

Since most orders at made at the time of purchase, you have the ability to customize your Abs2b Fitness Apparel leggings to your liking! When placing your order, you can choose:

  • SIZE – Most items range from extra small to extra large. In my first order with the company, I do recall most items displaying as one size fits most sizes 0 – 8. Thankfully as times have changed, and their business has expanded, they have expanded their size ranges.
  • SCRUNCH – To scrunch or mot to scrunch? TikTok has made the “scrunch booty” trend go viral, but Abs2b Fitness have been doing that offering for YEARS; I can recall receiving the option on orders going back as far as 2015. Scrunch Booty leggings cinch fabric in the rear of your leggings right where your tailbone starts, to help emphasis your gluteus maximus. I have ample assets that I try not to bring too much attention to, so I personally do not choose this offering for my Leggings.
  • LENGTH – Long Leggings (27 inch inseam), 7/8 length (24 inch inseam), and Capris (Mid calf – 21 inch inseam), are the options available when placing your order.
  • WAISTBAND – V shaped waist band, high rise (mid belly), mega high rise (under bust), and regular (near the belly button).
  • MESH – spiral mesh goes completely around your Leggings leg. Tuxedo mesh is a strip of mesh that goes straight down the side of the leg of your Leggings. Quad mesh is a mesh cutout around the quadriceps muscle.


I originally signed up for and was accepted into their affiliate program back in 2019. I re-applied and became an approved affiliate for Jane.com in August 2020.

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Abs2b Fitness Apparel

Cuts & Curves Fitness in Abs2b Fitness Apparel

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