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What I love about ZAZZLE is the ability to share my ideas, but allow them to be FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! If you like my graphic, feel free to PLACE MY ARTWORK ONTO ANY CUSTOMIZABLE ZAZZLE ITEM! Living a healthy lifestyle can not only be fun, but colorful! 😉

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These are some items that have helped me along the way!

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American Heart Association of Philadelphia

I am honored to be a brand ambassador for the PHILADELPHIA HEART ASSOCIATION! Click here for more details on my ambassadorship!



Sometimes, a great outfit can change your whole attitude! There are even days when it’s the only thing to get me out of my comfy bed! 😉 Here is a collection of some of my favorite outfits to workout in that I’ve posted to social media. 

Outfits Of The Day (OOTD)

I love colorful & vibrant outfits. I don’t believe that clothes have to be boring. Just adding a pop of color or an accessory can change your whole wardrobe & sometimes, your whole attitude! Here I’ll be collecting some of my favorite outfits that I’ve posted to social media & links for you to purchase your own! Check it out!

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