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Some of my favorite things are fitnessfood, and FASHION! I love colorful and vibrant outfits. I don’t believe that clothes have to be boring. Sometimes, a great outfit can change your whole attitude! There are even days when it’s the only thing to get me out of my comfy bed! ;) Below are some of my favorite outfits that I’ve posted to social media. More to come!

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My experience at the HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020. Estee D Ratliff. Cuts Curves Fitness Blog.

BLOG: HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020 – An inclusive and inspiring experience

HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020 – My inclusive and inspiring experience

Prepping For Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching! Are you ready to take advantage of all the great deals? You can start planning as soon as today!


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