Jane.com Affiliate Collection

My Jane.com Affiliate Collection

Long Time Customer

I have been a LONG time customer of Jane.com. I made my first purchase from their website on March 1st, 2015! 😮 There is a running gag amongst many of my coworkers and friends about how much cool stuff I have found Jane.com’s collection of items. They’ll ask me: “Where’d you get that?”. Before I can answer, they’ll say “JANE.COM?!” 😂

Favorite Finds

My favorite part about shopping on Jane.com is that it gives you a chance to purchase products from various small businesses and sellers in the U.S. That allows you to find unique items that may not be readily unavailable otherwise. One of my favorite pages is the “Fun Finds” pages; I have found some really fun gifts on that page that I would have never thought to look for otherwise. They also are continuously curating subject matter pages on their website and app… like gifts, Curvy Clothing, Wellness Items, and Gift Ideas.


I actually hadn’t even realize Jane.com had an affiliate program, but had always recommended the website to many people. Once I realized they were accepting applications, I applied and became an approved affiliate for Jane.com in August 2020.

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Jane.com Purchases

1. Jane GymSwag

2. Jane Outfits for Work and Play


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Jane.com Affiliate Collection

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