Review: PumpChasers Thick Hoodie

We always try to support Chris Jones. In October 2018 he had a BLOW OUT sale for his entire line of PumpChasers clothing. When I say those prices were insane, I mean, they were insane! I purchased my first thick PumpChasers hoodie in February 13th of 2016 ( size Medium, in Black with the large white logo) for $40. I loved it so much, I wore it all the time. It had a great weight to it, but wasn’t TOO heavy and wasn’t TOO light. It was perfect for the wintertime when we wanted to put on a scully and hoodie and run to the gym.

After 2 years of weekly wash and wear, the lettering eventually started cracking in place. When I saw his new hoodies were on sale for $15 I jumped at the chance to get me one in RED. I had been dying for another red hoodie and this would fit the bill. It arrived and was SO soft and SO comfy. It was softer than I remember my original black and white hoodie being, but was slightly slimmer in sizing. It was definitely a change for the better and of course, was quickly sad that I couldn’t order even more, they sold out so quickly!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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