Review: Jeggings!

The jeggings I’ve purchase from have been some of THE BEST FITTING JEGGINGS I’VE EVER PURCHASED! Some have been SO soft, others are strong and durable. Some are perfectly thin enough for summer or spring wear. Others have a wonderful THICKness for cooler weather. They all have hugged my curves. Due to my shape (itty bitty waist round thing in your face haha), it is usually hard for me to find pants that fit tight around my waist but leave room for my booty and thighs; No problem with these!

The features that I look for in a great jegging are that they have belt loops and a faux button fly detail; It helps them look even more like jeans. I also love the ones that have functioning pockets. They are so comfortable that if I don’t think about it, I’d wear a pair of them every day!

I have SO many variation of these pants; I’ll post them as I recall them all so that you’ll have other purchasing options. The only con I’ve run into is that piling can happen between the thighs in some variations. They’re always priced so reasonably though, that I always keep a great supply of sizes for my fluctuating weights overtime.

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Denim Jeggings


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

These jeggings are 90% Polyester, and 10% Spandex. These have the designer button, belt loops, and functional front and back pockets. I have had piling between the legs of these jeggings.

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