Review: Arespark Bluetooth Speaker

The Arespark AS200 wireless Bluetooth speaker is only $40 on [similar item]. Amazing sound, compared to my wired speakers, the sound differences are very easy to hear! The Arespark has an amazing battery life! It arrived in the mail with 2 bars of battery life. I used it for at least an hour a day for 2 weeks without even needing a charge! I even used it for 8 hours straight without the battery getting close to dying.

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The Arespark helps you answer phone calls & take selfies! ;). It lives up to it’s name; It’s nice & rugged! It has a nice weight to it; It’s not heavy but it’s not flimsy. It can pair it to many devices; It easily paired with my iPhone, iPad, & MacBook Pro! It works great for my home workouts! You can definitely feel the bass coming out of the device with NO SOUND DISTORTION!

If your device is not Bluetooth enabled, there’s a slot to put a micro SD card with your music on it, or use the audio cable to plugin for non-Bluetooth devices. It’s also Splash proof so feel free to take it to the beach! I has a carabiner to allow you to hang it from anywhere.

I love this little guy & literally use it every single day! I was provided with a sample of this speaker for testing and was asked to provide my honest review to help you ultimately decide what would best fit your needs & budget! I definitely feel it is worth the very small investment!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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