Review: Waist Trainers / Waist Cinchers / Waist Shapers


I do not waist train. I only use a shaper to keep my jiggly parts still while doing cardio 😂.. I’m not the best resource for things “waist trainy”, but there are plenty of people on the internet and social media that can help you out if that’s your wish.

I’ve used lots of different of waist cinchers over the years. My favorites have a hook / eye closure, structured boning, and are not super long; I do not care for the shapers that reach down to my “fupa” or anywhere close to my hips; Those are so painful to me and do not help me for my purpose in wearing them.

I was so happy to find a short torso shaper on Amazon! This product has 9 steel bones structures surrounding the cincher, 3 rows of hooks to allow for fluctuating waist sizes, and lace details. This one I own has been machine washed and machine dried every week (in an intimates mesh bag) since 2018 and still looks as good as new.

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  • Women’s Latex Short Torso Waist Shaper
  • Sizes Purchased over time for my fluctuating waist sizes:
    1. Small – was my first purchase. I didn’t read the size chart correctly, so this was a bit too tiny for me but looked at it as a “goal” controller
    2. Large – was my favorite size when I was at my smallest weight
    3. XLarge – is my favorite size at the moment
    4. 3X – is used when I want to keep things still, casually, but don’t want to take it too seriously
  • Color: Black
  • by: Lover-Beauty
  • via Amazon
  • Available in plus sizes

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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