Review: Billie Eilish – The World’s a Little Blurry – Documentary

I’ll be honest; The Billie Eilish documentary that premiered on AppleTV Plus had me bawling like a baby for two whole hours. Before the documentary, I didn’t know much about Billie.

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Billie Eilish Music

I remember a few years ago, I kept hearing these cool songs playing on movies, tv shows, and commercials. I would Google the lyrics and my searches kept confirming it was yet another Billie song, so I finally checked out her music and adored it!

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TV & Movie

As a sanity check, I looked up all the shows and movies where I heard a Billie Eilish song featured:

Songs I Heard:

  1. &burn
  2. bad guy
  3. bellyache
  4. BORED
  5. bury a friend
  6. come out and play
  8. everything i wanted
  9. Fingers Crossed
  10. lovely
  11. ocean eyes
  12. Six Feet Under
  14. you should see me in a crown

Where I Heard Them Played:

  1. TV
    • World of Dance
    • So You Think You Can Dance
    • America’s Got Talent
    • The Umbrella Academy
    • The Bold Type
    • Veronica Mars
    • The Hills: New Beginnings
    • Insatiable
    • Hanna
    • 13 Reasons Why
    • Evil
    • Riverdale
    • Good Trouble
    • The Resident
    • Pretty Little Liars
    • Midnight, Texas
    • All American
    • Vampire Diaries
    • The Originals
    • Emergence
    • The Masked Singer
    • Locke and Key
    • Euphoria
    • Queen Of The South
  2. Movies
    • Bombshell
    • The Hate You Give

Not only do I watch too much television, but I quickly realized I had her voice popping up everywhere around me.

The music some as deemed as “depressing”, I find emotionally raw and haunting beautiful. I feel every word and definitely get emotional with each note. I liken it to the way I love Adele’s songs; I can apply them to so many moments in my life.

Writing, Touring, and Apple TV+

The World’s a Little Blurry, the Billie Eilish Documentary was released to AppleTV Plus on February 26, 2021. Filmmaker R.J. Cutler follows Billie at home with her family, writing and recording her debut album. He also shows her journey on the road and onstage.

One of the major things I loved about this documentary was them showing the creative process Billie and her brother Finneas went through while creating songs for her debut album. I am always fascinated by the creative process of artists. I love watching people create something out of nothing. That’s why I adore the show Songland on NBC; You can watch undiscovered songwriters pitch their song ideas to famous recording artists and the chart topping music producers.

Mental Health

We see a side of Billie not often shown in the media; her struggles with her illness. I never knew Billie was dealing with such a difficult illness. We see her relationships with people in her life: Her parents, sibling, significant other, etc… We also get to see the fan girl side of her, when she details her fantasies of a dream life with Justin Bieber.

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We are shown how the pressure of stardom can weigh on a teenager. I honestly believe Billie wants to sing beautiful music and share it with the world. If all the negativity that comes along with it could disappear, she’d probably be even happier. Billie shares many times of her hatred of the writing process, then meet & greets cause her anxiety, The stress of touring and deadlines makes her illness flare up at the most difficult times.

You can truly tell that Billie is such a kind soul; She cares about her craft and only wants to put out the best product to her fans. I pray this career doesn’t break her and she takes the time to take care of herself personally. Being a teenager is hard enough without so many pressures and struggles on a worldwide scale. I would hate for the one thing she loves so much to cause her so much pain.

I do wish they had focused a bit more on her childhood, life before the big hit, and how she plans to deal with her mental health going forward. Children are dealing with so much these days. I appreciated how her feelings are being validated and she can find a way to express herself to others who feel the same.

A Recommended Watch

Bravo to her team for recognizing how incredibly unique these moments are and were as she enters these crazy stages of her life. Billie should be applauded for allowing such raw moments to be filmed and aired for the world to consume and for sharing her vulnerability with us. With a 2 hour and 30 minute runtime, this well captured documentary is a definite recommended watch by me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

– Estee Denise “Nisey” Ratliff

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