Review: Zenni Optical Prescription Glasses


Frames and Add-ons

The most wonderful part about Zenni Optical is the low price point on so MANY different frame styles. Most of the styles I purchased only cost $7! Just like when you go to a brick and mortar eyeglass store, the lenses, etc. are additional prices. Even still though, the pricing is so reasonable with Zenni.

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For me, I have found the perfect combination for my glasses:

  • Frames – many styles are SUPER affordable
  • Lens – I get Single Vision lenses with the 1.61 High-Index
  • AR Anti-Reflection Coating – I HATE driving at night, especially with glasses on. This anti-reflection coating is a lifesaver against oncoming traffic lights! They definitely help prevent the terrifying glare. I compare my Zenni glasses against ones I purchased from a brick and mortar and can “see” a huge difference.
  • USPS Mail (First-Class Mail) – shipping was fast and my glasses arrived perfectly in my mailbox with their own plastic box and eyeglass cleaning wipe!

Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses!

One of the cutest options with Zenni is the ability to purchase SUNGLASS clip-ons that MATCH the shape and size of the frames you are purchasing! Like, how awesome is that? I AM that person that will put a huge pair of sunglasses on TOP of my normal eyeglasses haha. With the clip-on option though, clipon, clipoff, some sunglasses fun!

Pre-tax dollars 

Zenni does accept Flex Spending (FSA) and Health Savings (HSA) accounts as a form of payment! I do have a HSA credit card, so I now use it at checkout as i would a normal credit card. In the beginning though, I didn’t realize they took HSA. Thanks to their wonderful marketing emails, I was alerted that I could use HSA for my past and future purchases. So I logged in, downloaded my itemized receipts from my Zenni account and submitted them to my HSA company for reimbursement.


Don’t like it? No worries! You can return within 30 days of receipt and receive a refund or store credit.

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