Review: Zenni Optical Prescription Glasses

My sister hipped me to Zenni Optical all the way back in 2015. Back then, I was a bit wary of buying prescription glasses online back in those days (Oh how life has changed in such a short time!). After signing up for their mailing list and receiving so many great marketing emails, I decided in 2018 to take the leap and finally give it a shot!

…Low price point on so MANY different frame styles.


In 2018 I was due for an eye doctor visit so I went to my local chain store & used my insurance plan to purchase both a eyeglass and contact lense exam. My evil plan was to buy the contacts from my local store, but get a copy of my eyeglasses prescription to use on Zenni; My plan worked perfectly! I updated my profiles with my eyeglass prescription, the doctors name, and my PD measurement and made my first Zenni purchase in March 2018.

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Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)

An important step in ordering from Zenni Optical is to get your Pupillary Distance (PD). Most eye exams do not readily provide that info, but thankfully my sales rep read my prescription out loud as she typed it into the system (HIPPA!! lol) and I noticed she said what my PD was. I pretended to text message someone and jotted down the number. I’m sure I could have just asked, but it felt more naughty to do it this way. Before I left the exam, I also asked for a copy of both of my prescriptions.

Zenni accepts Flex Spending (FSA) and Health Savings (HSA)

Virtual Try-On

Zenni has definitely upgraded the Try On process since the last time I used it. What a cool feature though. You upload a front facing photo and the software puts the glasses right onto your photo; Very cool! I can confirm that they looked the same in person as they did during my virtual try-on! I uploaded a few different hairstyles so I could see how they’d look with my hair up or down.

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