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BLOG: “Look-a here! Look-a here!”

Nope! That’s not the excited face of Dad grabbing his plate of a gourmet meal. Nope! That’s Dad’s excited face over hot dogs & macaroni & cheese!!! LOL! He loves to exclaim “Looka here! Looka here!” when this “meal” arrives.

I swear, my culinary skills have really declined when I realized this dude will eat ANYTHING! I am truly blessed to not have to deal with a picky eater!

When it’s late & I’ve done so much, & I literally have forgotten we haven’t eaten? Sandwiches! Hot dogs! Turkey burgers! Hahaha

My go to meal for Dad though is whole wheat pasta, with a sauce, & a protein cooked in, & veggies on the side. It’s quick. It’s easy. It lasts for a few days!

For me? I try to stick to a lower carb option & will do fish/chicken & veggies, etc. Dad would even be happy with that!

Instead of complaining that he puts hot dogs on a higher scale than steak, I have learned to embrace that awesomeness and relax when it’s time for dinner.

We try to keep it healthy most of the time – but every now and again…. 😉

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