2018, FASHION, GymSwag

GymSwag: Fancy On1e

GymSwag Details:

Shoe:  Like A Champ Purple Lace Up Sneakers – by 10DollarMall (out of business) – replaced by ClothingUnder10.com – [similar item]

. At no additional cost to you, I may earn commissions on purchases made through links on this website. Read my full affiliate linking policy here.

TopTHICK Women’s Tank Top – SIZE: Large – by ON1E ClothingUse Discount Code: CCF at checkout!

BottomsWrap Workout Leggings – Size: Large (8-12) – Color: Black – by Fancy Frills Boutique – via – Jane.com #FancyFrillsLove

GlovesSponge Mesh Gym Glove – Color: FIERY CORAL – Size: Medium – by Marika Clothing – via Groupon


Diggin’ my hair? Read more about it here. 

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