My Weight Loss Journey

Calling In The Coach! #2016NextLevel

Since I’ve been doing this weight loss “game” for so long, mid-2015 I decided to try to fix my metabolism. I “bulked” until I hit 200 lbs. in September 2015. I tried to start a “cut” but unfortunately I couldn’t get my numbers back down. By December 2015, I got up to 208 lbs. I decided to give myself the best Christmas present ever. I hired 1 year of professional fitness coaching help! I’ve been a fan of Chris “BeastMode” Jones since 2012 so I thought it would be a great idea to make him my online coach! I loved every minute of the journey! The lowered stress, the constant feedback, etc, were worth every penny!

VIDEO: Honest BeastModeJonesCoaching Review – Day 121 (MONTH 4 of 12)!
VIDEO: Physique Update: 6 months with Chris Jones’ coaching

Archived Blog Article

BLOG: How I lost 80 pounds in one year

Here’s something I wrote for a few friends who asked the question: HOW’D YOU DO IT?!?! How did you lose 80 pounds in 1 year?

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