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BLOG: How I lost 80 pounds in one year

    • I drink AT LEAST 64 oz of water a day. 32 oz during my morning workout, 32oz on my way to work (it’s an hour commute by car) after the slim fast (You MUST drink a lot of water after slim fast). 32 oz during the rest of the work day. I know that if I try and do it at home, I wont. Sometimes making the water with Crystal light can help you drink it–rather than just plain water.
    • I went 2 months without drinking any diet soda. I now allow it as a treat(the new diet cherry coke zero is phenomenal!!! )
  2. FOOD
    • No eating after 8pm. No snacks or sweets or anything. Before I did nothing at all after 8, but now I won’t deprive myself of water, crystal light, diet soda… Since while you sleep you are your most dehydrated. The time is determined on when you go to sleep. I go to sleep at 10pm – so 8 is my cutoff.
    • Wheat Wheat Wheat! There are SO many choices out now. I sometimes do wheat potato bread instead of white bread or even whole wheat bread. I do wheat bagels (Thomas’ has some yummy ones! They’re called Bagel Squares). Wheat tortilla bread for my wraps. Wheat pastas –ORGANICS is a great brand! ORGANICS has yummy wheat pastas and pasta sauces!The marinara sauce is amazing. Ooo with wheat penne pasta, shrimp and some cheese on top *drools*.
    • Low fat does not = low calories. Read your labels. I track my exercise and calories. 
    • Low fat mayo, low fat yogurts (I do a generic supermarket brand. 40 cents and its sooo yummy!), Low fat dressings – try the new salad sprays! They give you the dressing taste without all the calories. Balsamic is my favorite. Also, instead of mayo try Hellman’s new Dijonnaise. It is soo yummy. 0g of Fat. Its a mixture of spicy mustard and mayo.
  3. Treats
    • EDDYS slow churned ice cream –½ cup for 100 cal!!! A nice pick you up and it’s really yummy. I usually have that ½ cup with a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin – my healthy version of ‘ice cream and cake’. Breyers slow churned is YUMMY also. It tastes just like frozen yogurt.
    • ALLFRUIT Popsicles – mmm they’re excellent. I’ve even gotten my ‘bad eating’ family hooked on those hahaha. You can get them anywhere but Target has them for less.
    • Snyder’s snap pretzels, popcorn, nuts (like pecans, sunflower seeds)
    • & of course, Fruit fruit fruit!
  4. Exercise
    • It is recommended to do 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week. That doesn’t mean 30 minutes all at once. You can do 10 in the morning, 20 later…20 in the morning, 10 at lunch – like that. Exercise in this form is represented as “breaking a sweat”. So whatever helps you break a sweat, do that for 30 minutes… if you get my drift 😉
    • Never do exercises less than 6 hours to your bed time. It’ll throw off your sleep and good sleep helps you have energy which in turn helps you lose weight.
  5. Sleep
    • Wake up the same time every day, even weekends. Your internal clock will thank you!
  6. Shopping
    • There are just so many choices out now. And they aren’t too much more than the”regular” stuff. Genaurdi’s is my favorite supermarket. Shop Rite has better prices and Target has some great things also. Whole Foods is a great supermarket. I also buy in bulk my meats and veggies at a wholesale bulk store – like BJs, Sam’s or Costco. I only cook for me, so I freeze everything in twos – 1 serving for lunch and one for dinner.
  7. Tracking
    • My one major piece of advice? TAKE PICTURES! You’ll thank yourself when you are 80+ pounds less a year later and can look back and say wow.. Take swimsuit, underwear or exercise clothing pictures for your own collection and clothed pictures to share your success with others.
    •  I measure & weigh myself every week (although it started melting off so fast in the beginning I would do it every other day LOL).
    • Invest in a good digital scale. Mines is so good, it literally told the same exact weight the same day I went and got on the doctors scale: true test of a great scale. I got the Tanita with Body Fat% calculator for $70.
    • Keep a diary. I TRY and track everything I eat, exercise, how I felt about that exercise, menstrual cycle (it affects your weight counts-ovulating, cycle, end cycle), and a chart of my measurements, weight and dates. – This also helps you learn more about your body. I’m so much more self aware! I track my exercise, food and weight. I’ve noticed that by the end of the day I have 400 –900 calories left to expend!! How self-aware it makes you!
    • I also invested in a good heart rate monitor. I have a PINK (heheh) Polar F6 heart rate monitor. It tracks the amount of time you work out, how much you have burned, how long you were in your selected hr target range, plus so much more! I use it at every exercise session.
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Words of Encouragement

  • Turbo Jam + Tracking program + Polar hr monitor = a SICK combination that will help you SO much!
  • Just be patient! HAVE FUN! That is the most important. If you’re not enjoying it, you won’t lose and it wouldn’t be worth it even if you did!
  • Don’t be so strict with yourself. Slip ups happen. It’s the control you set that will amaze yourself. “ya know, I really only do want this one piece of candy”. “I don’t really need 2 pieces of pizza”.. etc.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY. In a week or 2 my appetite completely shrunk. Pay attention to when you feel hungry and etc. You’ll be amazed.
  • It takes 45 minutes for our bodies to realize we are full. Eat slow –cut up your food as you go.. sip water..etc.

This is the first step, getting information. Gradually do it. You don’t have to be a pro from the get go! Try the exercise first. It’s most important to change exercise first because when you start changing your diet; you’ll need your metabolism to get going on this new routine. Then try the stopping eating at 8 (or what works with your bedtime).Then try the eating changes. Let me know how you’re doing! Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t look for quick fixes as we’ve all tried those and we see it doesn’t work. It didn’t take you overnight to gain the weight, so you won’t lose it overnight either!! You have your whole life to lose the weight –more important? TO FEEL HEALTHY! My energy has skyrocketed and my self esteem and self confidence has followed.

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– Estee Denise “Nisey” Ratliff

I’ve lost over 100 pounds \o/. See my story here. I am NOT a nutritionist or a doctor. This blog is NOT meant to be a substitute for any professional guidance or counseling. The information I provide merely reflects my own personal experiences and is NOT meant to take the place of medical or nutrition advice from professionals. But it’s helpful and pretty…so enjoy!

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