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BLOG: Do I need a preworkout?

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Do I need a preworkout?

We already know how important exercise is. It not only will help reduce your risks from certain diseases, but the endorphins that get released during exercise are shown to make you happier & help to reduce your stress! Sometimes though, you just need a little pep in your step to allow you to CRUSH that workout.

What is “preworkout”?

Preworkout is a supplement that is taken before physical activity. It is known to help increase your energy, stamina, strength, & endurance. 

What’s in it?

There are MANY types of preworkout supplements & each can contain their own laundry list of ingredients; Each company can produce their own proprietary blends. Most preworkouts can contain things like caffeinecreatine and beta-alanine. I personally try to abstain from any supplements that contain creatine &/or beta-alanine. Creatine draws water from your body & stores it into the muscle cells, so it can make you SUPER thirsty. I already drink 100 – 150 oz of water a day… I don’t want to drink any more! hahaha  Beta-alanine gives you that “tingly” sensation (paresthesia), which some people enjoy, as it helps them know when their preworkout supplement “kicks-in”. I personally do NOT enjoy the feeling; It makes me feel like worms are crawling under my skin. I personally choose to avoid it. 

How do you consume it?

Most preworkouts come in a powder form that can mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of water & shaken to mix. The supplement should be taken ~30 minutes before starting your workout. I typically drink mine when I arrive at the gym while warming up. The WORST thing is when I drink my preworkout on the drive to the gym, only to discover they’re unexpectedly closed; Oh what a WONDERFUL feeling that is… -.- LOL!!  

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