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Trend Alert: Homegrown Amateur Baristas!

The pandemic of 2020 kept people closer to home, so brewing your own coffee became an ever growing trend! Many people worked to improve their brewing skills, so equipment that allows people to brew a better coffee is definitely trendy!

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but first... COFFEE

But first… Coffee!

Timemore creates specialty coffee equipment with premium quality. Their manual grinder devices are made out of aluminum instead of plastic. They also have a fine-tuning adjustable wheel creating professional quality.

Coffee Beans

RetroFuture Coffee is my coffee bean of choice. E.T.C. (Extra Tasty Coffee) is one of my favorite flavors! E.T.C. is a medium roast coffee with French vanilla flavoring made with arabica coffee beans.

My other favorites are:

  1. Saving The Princess (a salted caramel flavor)
  2. How the Coffee Stole Christmas (Gingerbread flavored)

If you’re not a fan of flavored coffees, I also love their house blend

  1. Futuristic Dark House (made with arabica french coffee beans)

RetroFuture Coffee also sell sample sizes (2 oz. bags), so you can try them all; That’s how I figured out my favorites, even though there weren’t any bad flavors in the batch. Be sure to sign up for their mailing list to receive future promotions and coupon codes!

In the tri-state area? RetroFuture also now has a café! Check them out at 58 East Butler Avenue in Ambler, PA. You can even order online for same day in store order pickup. They have a fun selection of foods. You can even pick up a bag or a fresh cup of brew while you’re there!

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My BodyBuilding Boo and I like to live an 80/20 lifestyle; 80 percent of our foods are clean, healthy, whole natural foods and then we allow ourselves to indulge in processed food varieties 20 percent of the time. We like to KISS our recipes (Keep It Simple Sweetie); Easier to track, monitor, and meet our MACROS that way!

– Estee D. Ratliff

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