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BLOG: VallFitt’s Viral Push Up Challenge Video

There are some people that I hope to win in life. Those that don’t want the social media following just for the clout, but see the bigger picture of what their influence can mean to thousands of people. Valentina Rodriguez (VallFitt) is one of those people. 

VallFitt’s Viral TikTok Video

In less than one week, VallFitt’s viral PushUp challenge video has amassed millions of views and counting!

Who Is Valentina Rodriguez (VallFitt)?

VallFitt’s original TikTok video now has over 7 million views

Valentina Rodriguez, raised in Texas and Dubai, now living in California, is a Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and Personal Fitness Trainer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her Bachelor’s majoring in Molecular Biology and Nutrition Science while performing diabetes and obesity related research.

Viral Video

Valentina received recent attention from a viral video posted to her TikTok account, @vallfitt. Her video showed her doing a push-up challenge in a bikini. That wasn’t the most impressive part, though. Her form throughout the entire 48 second video was immaculate. After she posted the video to TikTok, it quickly received over 4 million views in 48 hours.

Val explained how kids bullied her for being overweight…

She saw the success of the post and reposted it to Instagram Reels. The Instagram Reels video quickly received over 60,000 views in 48 hours. As of the publishing of this article, her original TikTok video now has over 9 million views and she has received over 70,000 followers on TikTok. People have now viewed her Instagram Reels video over 100,000 times, and she has accumulated over 15,000 Instagram followers. Many Instagram accounts, like HIGHLIGHTHER, reposted her video, while tagging her as the original creator, thus bringing more views to her account.

The Beginning of VallFitt

Valentina Rodriguez’ pushup video had me intrigued in her fitness history, so I visited her Instagram account to learn more about her. From first glance, it’s very easy to assume that Val has been a slim and petite person her entire life. Turns out, Valentina had her own weight struggles while growing up. In one of her transformation posts, she explained how kids bullied her for being overweight. She also explained being diagnosed with high cholesterol by the age of 10. She vowed to break the cycle of a family history of obesity.

It took Valentina 10 years to truly reach her fitness goals. That wasn’t without her struggles as she battled major weight fluctuations and life changes. Valentina turned her passion into a business by beginning her own fitness platform called VallFitt. She has successfully competed as a bikini competitor in recent years. TedxTalks invited Valentina to do a local Ted Talk about her passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiring, Influencing, and Impact

It wasn’t just learning about her past that inspired me. She posted an Instagram story reacting to her recent successes thanks to social media, and it was by far the best part of learning about her journey. In her now archived Instagram story, Val explained that in the five years of having her Instagram account, she admits she has never put in the consistent effort needed to give her social platforms value. Fitness and health are a huge passion for her and what she has studied and practiced for many years now. Now that she has gathered the knowledge about the field and has made some significant achievements, she wants to share it with people. 

Passing the 10,000 follower count on Instagram isn’t just a number that is used haphazardly. 10k followers are a huge milestone as it comes with some additional benefits on social media platforms. On Instagram, once you have reached 10,000 followers, they allow you an easier approach to get people to your website by allowing a “swipe up” feature on your Instagram Stories. Amassing a larger following also increases your engagement score. Engagements (likes, tags, shares and Direct Messages [DMs]) all feed the algorithm behind Instagram to prioritize your content to the public.

As her fitness platform grows, it isn’t just about the amount of people she’s amassing, but the amount of lives she can positively affect. Her humbleness is beautiful and I wish nothing but the most success for her!

Supporting VallFitt

Fitness and health are a huge passion for her and … she wants to share it with people.

Visit Valentina Rodriguez’ website for her published eBooks and online training programs!




– Estee Denise “Nisey” Ratliff

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