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BLOG: Mindless Eating

Breaking the cycle

Since starting ChaLEAN Extreme, I’m learning to change my mindless/unconscious habits. After listening to her motivational cd, it really made me aware of it!

I’m not eating or snacking because I’m hungry – but because I’m bored or stressed or that it’s just a habit. Like.. when I’m driving in the car. I have a bag of almonds in the back seat. I’m consciously trying to NOT eat after 8pm but at 9pm on the way home from Walmart I reached in the back seat, dumped out 10 almonds and started snacking. It wasn’t until the 4th was in my mouth that I realized I unconsciously did this as a habit! I put the other 6 back in the bag.

My big bad habit is snacking at night during tv time or having something sweet after dinner. To combat that – I’m doing a cup of tea. It keeps me busy for a while, helps with the sweet tooth, and helps me digest my dinner.

If I become more aware – I can be more proactive about stopping the cycle of mindless, senseless calories that ruin my accomplishments of the entire day 🙂

– Estee Denise “Nisey” Ratliff

I’ve lost over 100 pounds \o/. See my story here. I am NOT a nutritionist or a doctor. This blog is NOT meant to be a substitute for any professional guidance or counseling. The information I provide merely reflects my own personal experiences and is NOT meant to take the place of medical or nutrition advice from professionals. But it’s helpful and pretty…so enjoy!

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