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BLOG: Sculpting and molding through Yoga and Pilates

My sister introduced me to an amazing Yoga/Pilates center in Conshohocken, PA. I did a 2 week beginner course and am so addicted now! In person is SO much different than on DVDs.

I knew I was flexible – but my goodness! What these classes have you doing is.. wow.

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BLOG: Still on the struggle bus!

I’m still on my struggle to get to my 175. I did Jillian Micheals, in June and got down to 190lbs. I was so happy. Then I went to Florida. And went buck wild! Came back and didn’t work out for a whole month! I went all the way back up to 210 lbs. I am now back to 195 and trying to get back to that 190. 🙂 Still trying to track my food and cardio – been doing better with that in Aug & Sept. So yep – I’m still around! 😀

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