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BLOG: Bolster Pillows For Back Pain? Can they really help?

You’ve probably seen Bolster pillows used more often than you realized! They’re used by many health practitioners like yogis and massage therapists.

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Bolster pillows

What Are Bolster Pillows?

Bolster pillows are used to provide comfort and support while sitting, laying, resting, or sleeping. They help to provide support and alleviate pain. To relieve pressure or pain, you can place a Bolster pillow under your:

  • neck
  • lower back
  • knees
  • hips
  • side of your body (body pillow)
  • or arms

Bolster Pillow Benefits

Benefits experienced by Bolster pillows can be:

  • Pain relief (sciatica, pressure points, stress, etc.)
  • Better sleep
  • Better posture

Trying Out A Bolster Pillow

After doing a general search on Amazon, I found that the AllSett Health Store on Amazon had a 2 pack of XXL Half Moon Bolster pillows available at a great value. Compared to some single pack options, the two pack gave me the best bang for my buck!

I don’t have any specific injuries to my back, just normal aches when waking due to awkward sleeping positions. We got rid of our 15+ year old mattress & purchased a new firm mattress. I purchased a knee pillow for better alignment when side sleeping, which helped. The T.J. Dawn Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers is the brand that I settled on and love!

I fall asleep in various positions; side, prone (on belly), & supine (on back).Prone and supine sleeping positions still leave me with back pain, even with our new mattress. I hoped that having a pillow that can both provide lumbar support and support the contour of my hips could help.

The AllSett Health 2 pack of XXL Half Moon Bolster pillows came compressed and flattened for shipping. To fluff out the pillows to their normal state took two hours; I realized they’re bigger than I assumed! A single pillow is: 22 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. Placed on the bed, the length does not disturb my partner when we are both asleep.


They’re well made; They are firm to the touch but soft and no smell emanated from them. Unlike other reviewers, when I try these pillows they do not go flat under me. I am a 200+ lb. bodybuilder, so I’m not sure why my body doesn’t squish them as others claim.

For supine, I tried placing 1 pillow as lumbar support, but woke up to continued back discomfort. Since these arrived in a two pack, the next night I thus tried one pillow under the curve of my spine and one pillow under my knee pits – the next morning, my pain was even worse. I put the pillow under my fupa and under the curve of my hips, when sleeping on my belly, but the back pain still came.

Black-owned Beauty on Amazon!

After my initial trial, my pain issues persisted, but I give the pillows themselves a 4 star rating. Maybe I am not doing something correctly… but I’m still keeping my pillows. If I just keep trying new positions, I hope something will relieve the pain.

The AllSett Health 2 pack of XXL Half Moon Bolster pillows receive a four star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating


Have you had any success with Bolster pillows? Have any tips for me to try? Let me know in the comments section!

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