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BLOG: A Lower Back Stretch with Dr. Daniel Aronov – Hip Flexor Wall Stretch

Dr. Daniel Aronov demonstrates one of the most important stretches for your lower back; a Hip Flexor Wall Stretch.

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RECIPE: Mango Ginger Infused Detox Water

This fruit infused water was delicious & refreshing! I wasn’t too worried about the weight loss aspects this may provide. I just wanted something to help me not get too bored with my daily water intake. I try to drink a little more than a gallon of water a day, so this infusion helps me increase my water consumption.

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GymSwag: PumpChasers Haul

We always try to support Chris Jones. He had a BLOW OUT sale for his entire line of PumpChasers clothing. I decided to buy a haul of items to try them out!

GymSwag Details:

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BLOG: Review of Exerpeutic’s Folding Upright Bike

I was looking for cardio equipment for our new apartment. Based on reviews on Amazon, I decided on the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike. It’s delivered in a huge box, but only took me about 45 minutes to put together. See my full review on YouTube.

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