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BLOG: My Home Fitness Gear

I absolutely adore my Heart Rate Monitor. Even though it’s an older model, it’s pretty great. It tracks your calories and fat burned. It keeps a log of your daily & weekly workout records.

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You can set and maintain your target heart rate zones to see how hard you are working in an exercise.  Knowing how you are doing during your workouts is a BIG thing! Once you know what your resting heart rate is and know what your fully pushed heart rate is – you can easy tell when and where you need to push it a little harder!

For strength training it can be essential!! In a lifting workout you should be burning a higher % of body fat rather than in a high intensity cardio where you burn more calories but less % of fat… 

For example: During a 2 mile run – I burned 465 calories, 15% fat, in 30 minutes.

During a session of ChaLEAN Extreme: Push Curcuit 3 (strength) – I burned 282 calories, 55% fat, in 30 minutes… See the difference???

Mine is a Polar F6 PINK!

This Gold’s Gym – 40 lb. Dumbbell Set was only $20 at Walmart! You can also purchase it here too! Works well enough until I can afford the more expensive Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells!!

This set only comes with 20LB for each dumbbell. The weights are thick, so I only use the 15 LBs on each and then I add the skinner single 2.5LBs (sold separately, by any brand) to up my dumbbells to 25-30lb each!

For warm-up and smaller muscles, I use my single Reebok dumbbells @ 5lb, 8lb, and 10lb.

– Estee Denise “Nisey” Ratliff

I’ve lost over 100 pounds \o/. See my story here. I am NOT a nutritionist or a doctor. This blog is NOT meant to be a substitute for any professional guidance or counseling. The information I provide merely reflects my own personal experiences and is NOT meant to take the place of medical or nutrition advice from professionals. But it’s helpful and pretty…so enjoy!

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