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BLOG: ⏰ How To Follow The Harley Pasternak’s Body Reset 15 Day Diet 🧋

I needed to be more active outside of the house. After the lockdown of 2020, I found comfort in my new normal; Having a break from the daily commute to work and social obligations, I needed a mental reset. I needed to hit the reset button on my metabolism, but activity level, and change the way I viewed the food I consumed. My goal is to be more active until my birthday (November 6th–Team Scorpio!) to see if I wanted to keep any of these lifestyle changes. 

What is the Body Reset Diet?

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RECIPE: Mango Ginger Infused Detox Water

This fruit infused water was delicious & refreshing! I wasn’t too worried about the weight loss aspects this may provide. I just wanted something to help me not get too bored with my daily water intake. I try to drink a little more than a gallon of water a day, so this infusion helps me increase my water consumption.

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BLOG: Week 1 of – YOU – On a Diet a.k.a The Dr. Oz Diet

For more information on this diet, click here to see my Planning & Preparation post on how I got started & also graphically how this diet fits into my nutritional plans.

Day One, Monday, October 12th, 2009: The day actually went VERY well. Through my exercising with ChaLEAN Extreme, and this eating plan, I had a TON of energy. I didn’t even want the day to end; I had to force myself to go to sleep at a reasonable time. I was NEVER hungry. The only time I got a tummy grumble was when it was getting closer to lunch. I’ve just recently switched to eating at 1pm instead of 12 noon because it gives me less time to work after lunch LOL.

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RECIPE: YOU – On a Diet a.k.a The Dr. Oz diet

Planning & Preparation

A co-worker of mine is HUGE into fad diets. Does she do them? Yes. Does she ever complete them? NO! lol. The other day, she mentioned a very simple eating plan she saw on Dr. Oz’s (made famous on the Oprah show) tv show. It was based on his book “YOU: On a Diet”.

Of course.. I could just go pick up the book at the library, but queen procrastination is my name, and I have yet to get the book. She offered to write the simple plan down for me.

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